Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation ended... New items arrived though :)

Haven't wrote for a while since I was on vacation @ Chania (Crete). I had a great time and sadly today is my first day @ work.
Thankfully many packages were waiting me patiently and I was happy enough to unwrap every one of them gently...

Well... here's some photos of my after vacation LOT that include:
  • A4000D (030@25MHz, Oktagon SCSI controller, Coin-Battery, Changed Caps etc)
  • Cyberstorm PPC 060/604
  • CvisionPPC (bought it as faulty but will have to check it out to see)
  • Deneb USB adapter (brand new from AmigaKit... I'm glad I got one of the very last of them)
  • kipper2k's CF Extenders (2x)
  • kipper2k's IndivisionECS Extender
  • kipper2k's DB9 Extender Multiadapter (incl. connectors for PS/2 Mouse, 2xPSX Joypads)

Along with these I also had some other stuffz like LSDJ module for my Gameboy and an ArduinoBoy kit...

FUN TIMES AHEAD and soon more updates to come!

EDIT: After checking out CVisionPPC I noticed that a capacitor was having an issue so I removed it and soldered a new one in it's place.

After putting the A4000 on... Turns out that CVisionPPC outputs Kickstart Bootscreen (4 colors) just fine W00h00!!! Also checked the CSPPC Menu (Esc key on boot) and indeed works there as well. I guess that capacitor was indeed a problem, so now I'll have to make more thorough tests as I'll setup this beauty from scratch!

Stay tuned...

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