Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A1200: Booting OS4.1 + Debian videos

As I haven't made in a past any video of my A1200 booting alternative OSes, I thought about making a couple more vids of the beasty running:

- Amiga OS4.1:

- Debian PPC:

Not anything fancy but stock boot and some fiddling around.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A1200: OS upgrade + more

Well not an actual hardware upgrade... But a software one that is

I was tinkering the last days with a custom ClassicWB 3.9 installation on my beasty.

So atm the system is working on a special Bloodwych's ClassicWB 3.9 version that contains BB1 through BB4, CGX4, AfAOS 4.7 (+Ken's Icons+Antialiased fonts), WarpDT, HSMathLibs, Oxypatcher plus lotsa Programs and Internet applications.
It has installed drivers for my Delfina and Subway USB along with Remus, Genesis and all is running @ 1360x768 resolution that is the native resolution of my Samsung 23" LCD/TV (tinkering CGX mode to get the best result took me more than 30mins).

Ofc that wouldn't be so perfect if it wasn't running on uber Custom Kickstart 3.9 EPROM that contains all the BB4 modules, plus Cosmos latest SCSI.device, PeterK's latest Icon.library plus some extra modules like BPPCFix, Morelibspace (from AfA OS).

Rebootless loading as fast as possible was needed for this elegant beast that now works like a charm having the goods from all worlds
- Bloodwych's awesome environment and l33t DOpus configuration
- RTG + DualPNG Icons + Antialiased fonts
- Many proggies for all taste and custom making (Remus, ImageStudio + Rebel's palette etc).

System runs stable and quick and I'm really happy with it. You can check a quick video I took some minutes ago here:

I just wish I had an A4000 with Deneb to be able to make custom ROMage along with Guides and How-To's... Oh well who knows... I might get lucky @ some point