Sunday, August 14, 2011

A4000: Putting all together

After testing my A4000 for quite some time, I was expecting many components to be able to put all the Amiga together permanently (like accelerator spacers, 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter).

This Amiga sadly didn't have spacers for the accelerator (since it came with an stock 030@25MHz CPU).
I had 2 spare spacers from my previous A4000 but these were temporary solution since I wanted something more robust that could hold my CSPPC with screws.
Thankfully my friend Justin (JuvUK) sent me freely 4x spacers to use on my beloved accelerator (Man you rock!)

Here they are screwed on the lower side of A4000's motherboard

...and here they are from the upper side of the A4000's motherboard.

Accelerator screwed in it's place permanently (unless I decide to overclock or change the PPC CPU at some point = Stan the man)...

You will also notice in this photo the following:
  • 68060 fan being not center aligned on purpose due to the connector of CVisionPPC that requires a bit of space
  • PPC heatsink changed with an awesome copper one and a 30x30x10 noiseless fan
  • My beloved custom IDE cable that goes under CSPPC and goes right side near the PSU
  • The round Floppy cable that I stripped wire-by-wire on hand :)
Awesome airflow and not ugly ribbons all over the CPUs blocking the air (not to mention beautiful sight to watch lol).

This is the metal bracket with all the drives etc. You can clearly see the ACard with it's adapters along with the SCSI Multicarddrives.

After inserting the metal bracket that holds the drives... you can see that I have a really nice view and space even with the tight space that A4000 has.

On the side things get a little more squeezed but take in mine that there is plenty of room for the PSU fan to suck air to the back without cables blocking him.

If you noticed carefully you definitely saw the adapters train on the DVD-RW area :)
To enlighten you a bit the DVD-RW doesn't have anything weird but the custom yellow cable that comes from the IDE header.
The weird train comes from the 2.5" IDE Hard drive that sits under the DVD-RW (as you saw in a previous photo of mine) and consists of...
2.5" HD --> 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter --> ACard AEC-7220U --> 50pin to 68pin SCSI adapter and finally the SCSI 68pin cable from CSPPC's chain :)
Just to have better look here's the following pictures...

This is the 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter

...and this is the ACard with the 50pin to 68pin SCSI adapter

It's not noticeable that there's a custom mini cable with an male power connector that is soldered to the ACard and gives power to the 2.5" to 3.5" adapter. I forgot to take a picture of that but it was really need not to have another one power connector floating around :)

A view from the top can show you perfectly how it's all arranged together...

I'm pretty happy about how everything fitted without problems and that I haven't had to put extra money into acquiring an ACard!
This ACard was taken from my A1200 that from now on will be with her Idefix Express :) Sorry sister, my needs are huge...
I won't need to get an UW ACard in the future for the simple reasons that it's a lot bigger and won't fit as nice as this, and it's expensive not to have to think about it lol.

Just to see how well my ACard performs on the CSPPC's SCSI interface here's a photo of SysSpeed... 18.3MB/s yeah! \o/

Not bad for an SCSI-II interface (ACard AEC-7220U) don't you think?

More soon to come :)

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