Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A4000: PSU mod

A4000's PSUs have some times some issues with the fan being incorrectly installed (opposite direction blowing hot air from PSU inside the Amiga instead of Outside!).
The exterior holes for the air flow to come out aren't good enough so I'd thought of making something about it :)

For this task I trusted my good old friend Leo (Keropi) to cut the PSU case and mount an inox backplate, since he has done that on his previous A4000 as well.
Having the right tools is always awesome :)

Marking where to cut is essential... Yep the passthrough female power connector (for Monitors) isn't needed. I only need the normal power connector which will be re-aligned on the top where the female power connector was instead!

Inspecting it by hand to check if everything is as it should. Yep it's just fine :)

...and now it's the time to attach it permanently!

It's ready now. Kinda ugly after all the surgery but still cool to see.

Looks pretty cool doesn't it? Ok time to cover the Inox surface before the painting...

It looks rather well I think :) Can't wait for it to dry in order to peel off the tape and see it complete!

After leaving it for 12+ hours to dry... stickers were peeled off. Awesome lookz!!!

On the meanwhile... as I said we bypassed the passthrough (female power connector) since I'm never gonna use a cable to connect a monitor to the Amiga. This is too oldskool and better keep every device with it's own cable instead!
Alas, this is what the internal power cable looks like

Also removing the old noisy fan was essential (for putting a new better and more silent one) so off he went...

After putting the modified backplate and mounting the power connector... One final look...

...and we're set! PSU ready for putting inside the Amiga :)

And finally... 2 last photos of the PSU before and after the mod. I hope you like it :)

Thanks a lot to Leo (Keropi) for his awesome work!!! /respect bro.

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