Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A600: A604 received! Case change and more

Yesterday I received the wonderful A604 Chip RAM Expansion from AmigaKit.
What an awesome designed product! It's so small comparing it with the A603 and offers a lot more things.
  • 2x clockports (instead of 1)
  • Custom clockport extender 2nd clockport for mounting Subway (special driver required)
  • The second clockport reaches a 60% higher transfer speed than the first, which makes Subway a lot faster!
  • Angled Indivision ECS socket that makes Indivision ECS co-exist along with the floppy!
  • All the usual stuff like 1MB Chip RAM to max out A600's Chip RAM to 2MB total, and RTC.

Getting a new A604 also gave me appetite to re-case my A600 into a spare that I had which was more white (near mint) and didn't have any cut on the case. Keeping the floppy on the case was a nice thing to have.

My spare A600 is really awesome but required removing of the TV Modulator and a good mobo bath!!!
Modulator was an easy task to remove (done it 4-5 times in the past) and a good bath is always nice for my Amiga mobos :)

This time I decided NOT to remove the stock power connector since I got some time ago a nice PSU from MechWare.

Since I wanted to minize the cutting on the new case I decided that except from the replacement of the TV Modulator with the VGA connector for the Indivision ECS, I'd also make a small hole for the Kickstart switch (that simultaneously disables ACA on Kickstart 1.3).

You can check the internal mod of both the VGA connector and Kickstart switch that gets it's +5V from a nearby resistor and Ground from the nearby RGB's connector ground :)

As you may have seen I'm using Mika's angled CF2IDE adapter since for the time being I didn't want to make a hole above PCMCIA (waiting kipper2k's rev.2 CF2IDE adapter in the following days since I had issues with his rev.1 in my previous setup).

You can check some photos of the so far re-casing. I really loved the way that Indivision ECS's cable can go under Indivision and Subway making it look really clean:

Looking good doesn't it? The mods are looking a lot cleaner without the extra cabling that existed in my previous mod. Only need to see now where am I gonna put the USB headers, although I will use for sure the headers I used on my A1200 as well.

Just before I close this post, I thought it'd be nice to include 2 more photos of the A600 in use... Enjoy :)


seb132 said...

Hi mfilos, what kipper2k's rev.2 CF2IDE adapter will do, compared to yours ????

Rakeim132 :o)

mfilos said...

kipper2k's adapter is almost the same with Mika's angled adapter that I use on the photos.
The only difference is that kipper2k's adapter is designed that way so by cutting a tiny piece of plastic above the PCMCIA port... you can have access to the CF card with the case closed.

Anonymous said...

hi, where can I buy mika's angled CF2IDE adapter? cheers

Guillaume Chevalier said...

Hi mfilos i have one question about your install of the a604 with the indivision ecs, i have the same stuff in my a600 but when i close the case its seems like both cards(a604 & Indivision) don't have a lot of space..Its seems like the cards push the trap under the a600 because of the keyboard. Do you have the same probleme ?