Sunday, June 29, 2014

A600: Testing my new arrived "FuriaEC020"

Hi my friends.

Two days ago I received my very own "FuriaEC020" accelerator that was made in Slovakia by Boris Krizma (the guy who built the other accelerator that I own Furia S628).

The accelerator is a beast having:

  • An MC68EC020 CPU overclocked @ 33.33MHz
  • An 68882 FPU
  • 9.5MB of total Fast RAM
  • 32bit access
  • Features that can be enabled/disabled via software tool like ACA's ACATune named FuriaTune
This is how the accelerator looks

As the previous time, I also supported Boris with this accelerator and he again kindly put my name as well in the PCB :O

The accelerator is really well made and as you see it has a nice screws with base that prevents it from getting bent from weight. It also has a really firm socket that clips on the 68k CPU and also has lovely heatsinks both for the CPLD and the 68EC020 CPU.

To follow the whole original thread on follow this link.
Also you can download FuriaTune plus check more informational info in the dedicated webpage located in the following link.

Enough for the long talk... Time for some pr0n :)

And ofc no review can be made without the appropriate screenshots from SysInfo.

This is the ShowConfig output from OS3.9

And one last output but this time from ShowBoard of the new Boards.library that is also updated with Boboo's hardware ID for FuriaEC020.

Last but not least, I'm putting a YouTube link of a quick video that I made just some hours ago that shows a bit of the accelerator working on my spare A600.

You can download my SysSpeed modules from here if you want to make a comparison with your own accelerators:

  • ACA630/OC (37.5MHz) --> Link
  • FuriaEC020 (36MHz) --> Link

Boboo mate, great job! Keep up the good work \o/

Sunday, June 1, 2014

International Amiga Day 2014

Hey my fellow Amigans...

As most of you know, yesterday (31/05/2014) was the first International Amiga Day that as it looks like... IS HERE TO STAY :)

Thanks to Gyorgy Dragon's idea, most of the Amigans celebrated the Amiga the same day with Jay Miner's birthdate and Facebook was flooded with epic stories, screenshots, setup images and even radio streaming and tunes!
It must have been an annoying day for most of my non Amigan friend since I'm not the most active Facebook member, but yesterday I must have "liked" at least 50 threads :)

Since I wanted to celebrate as well, I made a custom wallpaper based on the logo banner to match my custom ClassicWB @ 8 colors

I learned some stuff while reading through the blogs and the Facebook page, but most of all I had fun and met some new fellow Amigans.

Ofc to honor the day I...
  • Played some games like Superfrog, Agony, Turrican2, Rick Dangerous and even FlappyBird
  • Listened to retr0 music through MAS-Player
  • Made some new Kickstart ROM based on newer modules from PeterK and Cosmos
  • Updated a bit my Workbench as I haven't updated it for a while (new commands and visual appearance)
  • Made a custom icon for Michael Gibs's FlappyBird game that didn't have one
  • Scanned an old Greek brochure of Amiga family that I found on some old stuff box (link here)

Thanks Gyorgy and all who participated in this Amiga fest day :) See ya all (and more) next year.