Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A4000: Custom audio cabling and Defina testing

Yesterday I thought of giving a shot once more on my Delfina after 3 years having her :)
Well... tbh I have tested her on my previous A4000 where I had some freezing issues so I pulled her out and thought of testing it in the future...
...well 3 years after, the time has come and testing it on my ClassicWB 3.9 custom setup, IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!

It was really awesome not to have any issues and all the mp3's that I tested worked just fine without a single glitch.
Take not that except from the latest delfina.library I also used the delfinampeg.device to be able to use Delfina to decode the mp3's without having my CPU doing that lol (yeah I know that I could use the WOS plugin of AmigAMP to have the PPC decode instead).

Amplifier didn't have a single issue and mp3 was really playing nice (even 256kbit playing from USB via Deneb).

Sadly though... I didn't have any cable to test it's input/outputs so I thought of waiting one day (meaning TODAY) to make some cables myself :)

First of all I desoldered an triple audio connector that I had on a dead PC mobo and mounted 3 cables with 4pin header on every connector. It may seem easy... but trust me... it's a real pain in the butt stripping and soldering these mini connectors...

Next one was a custom length, CD Audio connector after measuring it out.

And last but not least, the default A4000's audio output that needed to connect internally. You may not believe it but I soldered the cable near the A4000 cause I wanted it to pass through the tiny holes that exist for air flow on the right of Amiga!!! (Yeah I'm mental I know)

Here you can see the inside part of the cable with the thermal tube and the header

I was so thirsty to test it out that I only put some carton for insulation and gave it a spin!

- Audio OUT (Green connector) --> Works
- Line IN (Internal connector) = Amiga Output --> Works
- Aux1 IN (Internal connector) = CD Audio --> Works
- Aux2 IN (Blue connector) --> Works
- MIC IN (Pink connector) --> Haven't tested yet

At first nothing worked but I realized that all inputs had MUTE on LOL. After setting it correctly on Delfina mixer everything worked like a charm! I even put my SammichSID on Aux2 IN and it sounded awesome!

On the following picture you can see the programs I used to play simultaneously audio without a single problem.
- Amplifier (mp3)
- EaglePlayer (mod, via Amiga output to Line IN)
- PlayCD (CD audio, via CD audio out output to Aux1)

Not bad aye? Next step would be the permanent mounting on a custom bracket. That will require some time and effort but I'm in no hurry :)



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