Friday, February 18, 2011

A600: Custom Kickstart 3.9 + Visual enhancements

I made quite some changes today

I changed from Bloodwych's ClassicWB 3.5 to 3.9 because I wanted more recent shiz
Ok here's what I removed (Gulliver my friend, thanks tonz):
  • AmiDock --> Too heavy for my taste. For now it's off till I find a better one.
  • DefIcons --> Not needed for me. Bloodwych made a great work not for me to need that.
  • RAWBInfo --> It's cool but not so important for me.
  • AsyncWB --> Really unimportant since I never do multiple copy/delete etc.
  • Benchtrash --> Never used it. For now it's off.

I also enabled Env-Handler since by default it's disabled (Bloodwych my man, your enable/disable scripts are just epix)

Result was a workbench at EXACTLY (I measured it in seconds) the same booting speed and response with the 3.5!!! I really love it.

So today I made quite some upgrades, putting BB3+BB4+Cosmos scsi.device and after all worked like a charm via LoadModule declarations... a custom 3.9 BB4 custom Kickstart was made and voila... No reboots and every new version exists on the spot

Just for information the contents are the following:
  • Exec 45.20 (instead of 40.10) --> OS3.9 BB2
  • BootMenu 44.7 (instead of 40.5) --> OS3.9 BB2
  • Console.device 44.10 (instead of 40.2) --> OS3.9 BB3
  • Datatypes.library 44.48 (instead of 44.47) --> OS3.9 BB4
  • Filesystem.resource 45.10 (instead of 40.1) --> OS3.9 BB2
  • FastFilesystem 45.16 (instead of 40.1) --> OS3.9 BB4
  • Icon.library 46.4.181 (instead of 40.1) --> OS3.9 BB4
  • RAM Handler 44.24 (instead of 39.4) --> OS3.9 BB3
  • SCSI.device 43.46b3 (instead of 40.5) --> Cosmos
  • Shell 45.27 (instead of 40.2) --> OS3.9 BB3
  • Workbench.library 45.131 (instead of 40.5) --> OS3.9 BB3
  • ROMUpdate 44.57 --> OS3.9 BB2
  • BBlank --> For Blank Borders
  • SpeedyIDE --> For quicker IDE speed
  • HRTModule --> Action Replay clone using ACA's NMI header (=full of win)

I really enjoy my new WB and at last I think I have all the things I wanted Maybe in future I'll put some more modules.

I'm attaching 2 screenshots of the WB along with some appz and window open (Thanks for the tips Cammy about EaglePlayer and Shine color change in VP).

Good thing is that after the BB3 upgrade... The icon colors (new icon.library) restored to the BLUE we all loved!!! No more washout colors using Rebel's Palette!!! /awesomeness

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