Saturday, April 2, 2011

A600: Kipper2k's CF extender installation + more

Since I got Kipper2k's awesome CF adapter I thought of installing it (cause at the weekdays it's really tough)...

Dremeling the case was once more a shity procedure, but had to be done

I also changed my upgraded from Revision B to C HxC SD Floppy emulator to a new one of Revision C that I got from a fellow Amibayer since it had less height (due to my hack missing lol). After all my hacked HxC will be used in an external case in a future mod (to be able to use it on my other Amiga and Amstrad computers.

I also like that the color matches the one from Indivision ECS.

Along with the hardware mod, I was more busy remaking my own custom 3.9 ROMS adding stuff like Cosmos KingCON-Handler and PeterK's Icon.library 46.4.196 that supports displaying DualPNG Icons (like Ken's Icons or MasonIcons). Not really usable under processors like 030 but really cool to be able to see an icon instead of seeing it as a dot or not at all
I'm so in love with Remus (for giving the opportunity into making so easily custom kicks) and ACA's MapROM feature (for giving the opportunity in mapping those kickstart without having to burn every once and a while).
Anyway take a look on some PNG icons under my ECS A600

Just a couple of things needed and I guess I would be finished with this mod (at last). Case needs to close to proceed with my more serious A1200D PPC project

I hope you like it.

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