Sunday, February 13, 2011

A600: ClassicWB 3.5 installation + videos

OK I really love weekends... Especially the ones that include some Amiga workout

I haven't really messed with hardware this week except for the custom 1.3/3.1 Kickstart switch that at the same time disables ACA630 for old software compatibility.
I messed with software though and that had to do with installing Bloodwych's ClassicWB 3.5 (with custom kickstart 3.5 loaded via MapROM).
Bloodwych told me that 3.5 is a bit more responsive than 3.9 so I had to check it out...


I'm attaching 2xYouTube links from booting OS3.5 and booting kickstart 1.3 just to check it out for yourselves.

Booting Bloodwych's ClassicWB 3.5:

Booting Kickstart 1.3 + Hybris via HxC SD Emulator:

Since the YouTube videos can't show how well the WB looks... I'm attaching some screenshots as well:

I hope you like them (damn CreateOutline seems really good! Thanks for the tip Cammy)

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