Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A1200: DVD-RW mod

One more nightly build... ehm, I mean update

It was time for the internal DVD-RW to take it's proper position and case to be dremeled...

Before I start, I thought of putting an extension to the Eject button (that tiny soldering was hard for meh skillz)

After putting the correct spacers... the result was really cool (yep the measuring, filling etc, took a lot of time). Also a tiny 25mm fan was put under the side of the DVD-RW just to give a little bit of cooling to Indy etc.

The backside of the DVD-RW was put with a little drip of hotglue to Idefix Express Gayle adapter and CF adapter.

The most irritating and most difficult part was measuring, cutting and filling A1200's case for the slot-in's hole
Talking about a loooooooooong time and patience. I wouldn't do that again for the world! Also a tiny button was put into place (next to the hole) as an Eject button along with a header.

Everything was mounted and AT LAST... I saw my miggy closed after 1.5 year!
Haven't took a photo yet but will do in the next update that is gonna be soon. I just feel good for finally coming close to completion (or at least I think I do).

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AndreasR said...

nice, i want do the same on mine, have you more pictures? how did you make the slot? it looks lika a mac mini or macbook slot great work:)