Sunday, May 30, 2010

Retr0brighting a spare A1200 case

I had successful results some time ago trying to Retr0bright an A500 PSU and an A600 case. This time I made the mixture better and since the sun these last days is too great here in Greece. I thought of taking advantage of it for my spare A1200 case.

Just for information, I got the external casing + keyboard from eBay. OFC I knew it would be in sh*ty condition but didn't care much since it was for spare A1200 and most of all - because I had plans of Retr0brightin' it

OK here are the tools of teh whitening:

And here is after some Retr0bright application to the case + keyboard @ my balcony.

Only after 5 hours of letting my Amiga in the sun... the results where stunning! (I removed it prior to the recommended 8hours since I saw that the results were good).
The results that follow are from 3 stages in before and after:

- 1st Stage (As received from eBay seller)

- 2nd Stage (After cleaning it thoroughly with lotsa water and cleaning fluid)

- 3rd Stage (After 5h in the sun with application of Retr0bright)

Lookin' Good aye? For the NO believers, you can clearly see that this is the Amiga I used on Before and After, seeing the keyboard that has some flaws in some keys (like "R", "T" and "I")

Merlin, you da man!

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