Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A600: Power connectors + Subway/HxC mounting

Tonight I tried to make some boring but totally required mod that I also made in my Desktop A1200 PPC. Power connectors (via screw) to be able to mount whatever fan/power header for Apollo/blah blah is needed.

Next to it, I mounted the Subway USB (you can see one small mini PCB underneath that holds it better.

Last but not least I mounted firmly the HxC SD Floppy Emulator in such way, being able to insert/remove the SD card as a Floppy Disk.

Nice huh?

OK some panoramic photos as always:

Just before I close this update, 2 more pics from the HxC in use (along with my custom LCD (+future buttons) extension as I try some "Shadow of the Beast 2"

Waiting my Apollo to arrive from Sweden after the upgrade... then more photos will take place

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