Friday, May 21, 2010

A600: PicoPSU via Ian's ATX adapter mounting + more

Ok, one more update since I had a little time these days (after work ofc)

First of all I wanna thank Ian for the wonderful ATX adapters of his. I had some timing issues with my A1200's adapter so he made some modifications and also a prototype with an angled adapter so I got both and apart from working PERFECTLY in my A1200 now... the A600 prototype is very sexy for my needs! Cheers again man.

While waiting the adapters to arrive, my good friend Keropi offered to make me an Inox backplate for hosting PicoPSU's power plug (instead of the classic Amiga power connector).

After some desoldering of the origiinal power connector... the result was perfect

Time for mounting Ian's proto adapter... Well since I didn't want an internal CD, I figured the best position would be the one that most slim internal CD mods reside. Added some spacers underneath for holding the adapter+pico together and some straps to hold the cables intact

Of course I also made the cabling + header for the Power switch (that for now I haven't decided where to put it best).

I was so glad that everything worked like a charm upon booting Then again, I have made the same procedure in my beloved A1200 without issues and with a more hardware heavy environment.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that I have ordered an HxC SD Floppy Emulator device from Lotharek. It arrived some days ago and looks and works just fine (except some minor disk change incidents that I'm trying to settle).

The bad thing with this adapter (as it comes) is that it doesn't have a header for mounting the LCD Display + Buttons externaly. (In my case since I'm gonna install it inside A600 - in Floppy drive's position - I wanted the LCD+buttons somewhere else).
Of course the header place exists along with the signals so I just soldered the header myself.

Jeff's Manual clearly states the signals for making your own mods for external panel, but just for safety, I made a continuity test with my multimeter to the embedded LCD header plus buttons and I made my own extension

And yep... It works like a charm (sorry for not putting a pic - I forgot lol)
Button signals will be putted in the female header once I figure where I'm gonna put the panel + buttons in A600's case.

That's all for now... stay tuned for more soon


Zoniv said...

Hello Mfilos,
This is a great post. This is a great work you have done. It shows your hard work and experience. Thank you for the best article you have shared with us.

Methanoid said...

I keep coming back to your blog when I am thinking of mods for my A600... how did you attach the Inox plate? Hot glue? Where did you mount the switch? And where did you get those spacers for the PicoPSU ?