Sunday, May 16, 2010

A1200: Partition schema

I'm making my progress slow but steady
Atm I have also putted DJBase's Clockport Expander that works (I wonder if I could also manage to fit my Delfina in there but will be very hard).

So far I have the following HD's/partition's setup that work like a charm:

BPPC's SCSI --> ACard
CF2IDE with 16GB Transcend 133x CF
- Partition1: DH0 --> OS3.9 (950MB - SFS)
- Partition2: DH1 --> MorphOS PuP 1.4.5 (950MB - SFS)
- Partition3: DH2 --> Work (13GB - SFS)

A1200's IDE --> 4way buffered adapter (soon to be Idefix Express)
All connections only in Primary and none in Secondary. Using 44pin 3way cable (to not have extra wires for powering devices)
PRIMARY MASTER: CF2IDE with 4GB Transcend 133x 4GB CF (might change to bigger soon)
- Partition1: SDH0 --> OS4.0 (950MB - FFS - Since OS4.0 doesn't recognize BPPC SCSI)
- Partition2: SDH1 --> Boot-Linux (50MB - FFS - for future Boot to Linux from Early Startup)
- Partition3: Linux --> Debian Sarge 3.1 APUS (2GB - Ext3)
- Partition4: Swap --> Debian Sarge 3.1 APUS (500MB - Swap)
PRIMARY SLAVE: Slim DVD-RW drive (with JAE to 44pin IDE adapter)

Everything works just fine and of course OS3.9, OS4.0, MOS can access the DVD-RW along with Linux in same chain.

OMG how the hell am I gonna stuff all these inside? It's a lot of challenge I know but I hope I will succeed. More soon to come
I'm just so happy the PicoPSU hasn't failed me with all that power hungry beast

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