Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PC: Custom watercooling on gaming rig (Part 2)

Before starting out I thought of making a comparison between the CM 130 and my former SG06 :)

Not such huge difference but on the inside... it's a lot more spacey and nice.
Also I made a quick fit test with da massive rad! What a beast!

First of all, in order to put the Monsta radiator, you need to remove the 5.25" bracket in order to cut some areas where an SSD/HDD is meant to be mounted (on the lower side) that certainly gets in the way of the radiator.
In order to remove the bracket you need to remove 4x rivets that hold the 5.25 on the front. Some patience and a little drill and bracket is off :)

...and radiator fits like a glove :D
As it's a bit heavy I thought of giving a little bit of support, not to have both fans, the radiator filled with the coolant just holding by 4 thin screws.
So, I got some rubber feet from a local store which with a little sanding were a perfect fit underneath the rad. You can barely see it after trying a lot.

Perfect :) Now it was time to dremel the 5.25 bracket. With some caution the annoying bumps removed and bracket was ready to be mounted in it's place.

Going well so far \o/

Next step, was to void that GTX 970 warranty... damn that always feels like crap, but what can you do? lol

And voila... Waterblock fitted like a glove xD

Time to check it inside the case in it's full glory.

Last but not least, I thought about giving a test on how everything fits along with the PSU in place... I must say, using the right angle fitting is so ESSENTIAL!

(Also it gives a slight glimpse on the horror of cable management lol... I can't even think about it but I will certainly deal with it when time comes)

Next step... tubin' n' fittin'... stay tuned :)


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