Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PC: Custom watercooling on gaming rig (Part 3)

Hey guys.

One more photo update of my build, where I made some initial case cable management before anything else, in order not to have a cable mess inside the case while tubing...
The cables are meant to be covered with thin spiral cable wrap bindings at some point but for now... some tie wraps are just fine :)

And here is my first tubing experience on the Radiator, Waterblock+Pump and GPU. It took me some time to actually understand how everything works but it was fun experience.

The Reservoir needed a bit of attention as the manufacturer says that it's not meant for putting vertically or any other way, as it's intended for that usage.
Despite not having experience, I thought that the best way to mount it was on the side of the GPU next to the 5.25" bracket. It turned out rather well and good for my taste. Again some tie wrap to keep it in place were used until a more permament way.

Not bad at all aye?
Some might have seen that I also inserted the 5.25" IcyDock ToughArmor bracket in one of the photos. Lets see more about it.
First of all, and because the SATA cables are a bit thick for my taste I thought about getting the slim SilverStone ones that really rock!

Sadly I thought by mistake that the IcyDock needed 2x SATA cables and 1x MicroSATA (like I had on SG06) so I only ordered 2 of them :S
Once I realized it it was too late, so I ordered another one (for the slim optical drive) so I have to wait 1 more week to get it (Grrrrr)

I really like that bracket though :)

Soon more to come...

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