Saturday, December 20, 2014

PC: Custom watercooling on gaming rig (Part 5)

One more update for this build.

I was happy I got some new (minor but important) stuff from the mailman yesterday!

So, it was time to cover some cables in order for everything to be better organized.

Not bad at all!
Now I knew it was time for the irritating part... Da PSU mod. That meant... custom cable length that I was rather sure it would be a time consuming experience... and I wasn't far from it!
First of all I dismantled the PSU... so bye bye 5 years warranty :(

As you'll saw, the cable length is REALLY big which would have been really ugly and would definitely be bad for the airflow of the case. So here we are...

Yeah! It's done :D And I really love it!!!
You can see I even used the original sleeve in every pair lol. No I'm not El'Cheapo, I just felt like it wasn't bad for my taste so why not?
I also thought that no matter what, I'd do in the future with this case I'd never use 2x GPUs with that PSU, so I removed the extra dual extension from both GPU rails, and decided to use both rails for my 2x 6-pin connectors smile.gif As you can see I also kept (for future usage) the extra 2-pin for making the 6-pin to 8-pin cable in case I change my GPU in the future...

I really love it and it certainly nice and tidy once putted inside.
Some might ask me why I haven't sleeved every wire since I made a custom length and would look really cool! First of all I was thinking about it a lot, but I decided to proceed with better airflow and less cable mess, instead of great looks :) I might change that in the future who knows, but for now I'm all good.

I guess the next post will be one of (if not) the final. Stay tuned :)


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