Sunday, December 12, 2010

A1200: Idefix Express mod + more

I thought of updating some pictures of progress since the last YouTube videos don't show the inside pr0n!

In the following picture you can see the ready PicoPSU in Ian's adapter but now trimmed and glued to the custom base along with a 25mm Fan that blows air into PicoPSU's extra copper heatsinks
You can also see DJBase's S-VHS adapter insulated with a tube.

Next picture shows the removal of the embedded connector pins on Idedix Express adapter (in both Idefix+Express adapter) and soldered with a ribbon cable underneath. Aye, the height of the connectors was a definite NO if I wanted the Slim IDE DVD-RW mounted inside the miggy

On the next image, you can clearly see the ACard SCSI to IDE Bridge glued where the Floppy rested and next to the custom Power connectors. Power lines where soldered under the ACard due to height limitations of the original molex power connector.
Underneath there is a an IDE 40pin extension cable that connects to the CF2IDE adapter. In the picture the Floppy Terminator is shown as well along with Ratte's awesome auto AGA/RTG switch.

After receiving an 14cm 44pin cable from AmigaKit, I decided it's time for Idefix Express to gain it's permanent position just above Indivision AGA.
Idefix was hotglued in a custom plastic base and then in some spot over Indivision in order to be able to be removed whenever needed!
You can also see in the top right corner the EZkey PS/2 adapter for all my keyboard needs all this time that the miggy doesn't have it's keyboard attached

Yep!... Slim DVD-RW + CF2IDE adapter + 4GB CF (including OS4.0+Debian PPC) fitted like a glove!!!
That was a long time waiting relief and after powering up and realising that everything worked like a charm... a large smile took place upon my face!

Just before closing tonight's update, take a last look from the side where you can see how tight everything resides in there! WTF... I really can't understand why the fok I decided to go through all that shiz but... if you check my previous post... you will see that the actual photo was 100% implemented as my design was.

That's all for tonight, more updates soon to come.

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