Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A1200: Booting with Custom Kickstart 3.9

YEY! I finally did it!

While waiting some stuff from eBay and AmigaKit to finish some last details on my A1200D PPC I found some time to experiment on custom Kicstarts.
After Gulliver's advices (since in the past I haven't managed to make it happen)... I managed to burn my own OS3.9 Kickstart including BB3+AfA OS along with some BlizKick modules as well!!!

I couldn't imagine the thrill when I powered my Amiga (after altering the Startup-Sequence) without seeing a reboot and everything work like a charm!

Check it out yourself comparing to my last video when I was just testing Ratte's Auto switch!

Thank again Gulliver mate for pointing out some stuff that I have overlooked in Remus Guide.

Soon more to come \o/

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