Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A1200: ACard installation + more

These days I've been working almost every night on my beloved A1200 so I'd though of a little more update to my Blog

So far I made the following:
  • Removed UMON (AGA/RTG switch) that I had with a manual switch
  • Removed Jumpers plus Fast 10 pin header from Idefix Express Gayle Adapter plus the Fast 10pin header from Idefix Express Adapter since they were messing with the height of the internal DVD-RW. Ofc these were replaced by a ribbon soldered underneath of both PCBs.
  • Installed my spare EZkey that I had after removing some component sockets that would never be used (since they were messing with my BVision) and soldered it with an ultra cool custom PS2 plug that will be installed on the right side (next to USB plug). You can't imagine how convenient is having an external keyboard for messing in the OS while the internal keyboard is not installed. Since space exists... why not?
  • Installed (Finaly!) the ACard (next to my custom power lines). I couldn't believe how perfect it fitted along with an IDE Male-->Female extension cable that I bought in the past. BPPC's SCSI to 50pin M cable mounted also just fine in a custom 3cm 50pin F-F into ACard's socket and everything works perfectly!

I'm attaching a quick video that I took (this time from my Cybershot) showing the auto switching of Ratte's outstanding switch plus some SysInfo drive speed tests on both ACard+Idefix Express after my mods

--------- Video missing here. Will upload again and re-link ---------

If you watch it carefully (around 15-18 secs of the video) you will see that the DVD-RW+CF2IDE adapter that connects to Idefix Express is shown upside down and you'll see that the CF has a weird angle...
Nope I'm not crazy... I did that on purpose since when Idefix will move, and DVD-RW will mount the CF2IDE+CF was giving me a height that wasn't appropriate. That way I managed with an free angle, to be able to stuff CF2IDE under the DVD-RW and just before PicoPSU!!!
Don't laugh with the design. I just took a pic from BBOAH and used paint to just show you how I thought to implement it

Now I'm waiting now a 44pin cable extension from AmigaKit for moving Idefix Express in order to install permanently the internal DVD-RW+CF2IDE adapter. Next steps will be mounting Ratte's switch along with the power connector in a nice custom metal backplate (with the help of Keropi). I'm also waiting a nice 3way (on-off-on) switch from eBay for mounting it in the old UMON's switch position (in case manual switching is required for OS4.0, MOS and Debian).

Soon more to come with some better quality pictures

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