Monday, August 18, 2014

X500 Evo arrived :)

Hello peepz.

As some might already know, last year Loriano Pagni (know from the awesome custom MiniMig cases) designed a mini-itx case shaped in a way reminding the Amiga 500 named the X500 Plus case.
You can see more info and videos in Loriano's website here:

Loriano made a Kickstarter campaign in order to get some help with funding as all this work for such small quantities required a lot of funds nor to mention energy and work.
From the early days I wanted to support this effort so I became a backer on the initial X500 Plus White case.
During the campaign, and in order to raise more interest into reaching the final goal, Loriano also offered the possibility for a new model called the EVO that was almost same as the Plus model but had Cherry MX keyboard in the known colors (Blue, Brown, Red, Black). Despite being a bit pricey, I couldn't resist so I made the choice of going for the full package of the X500 Evo in white including Cherry MX Brown keys, full custom laser etched keys in grey/beige (incl. custom boingball and Amiga keys), the DVD/RW+Card Reader combo and the extra PCI-e flexible riser card.

After a year and some months, the package reached my doorstep a couple of weeks ago!
It was thrilling opening the package and seeing the final product for the first time :)
Hahaha the first thing I was presented upon opening the package was the folded "X500 Evo - Quick Guide" with a greeting for me.

There was another envelope inside with the rest accessories:

  • A PCI-e flexible riser card
  • Acustom plexi-glass keychain
  • 4x replaceable Cherry MX pink keycaps (for WASD keys)
  • A keycap removal tool
  • 2x sticky cable mount guiders
  • 21x white circle stickers (for covering up)

No need to tease more... here's the X500 Evo in it's full glory :)

Awesome isn't it?
Here's the left side view showing the DVD/RW + Card Reader combo.

And here you can see the back side...

...with the mini-itx panel,

PCI-e low profile card mount, having above a small rectangle for the VGA connector. You can also see the back 40mm fan.

Here's the upper shell removed to show the 2x 50mm fans, and the headers for the Power and Hard drive LED and the power switch.

Here you can see the Cherry MX keyboard, the DVD/RW+Card Reader combo  and the right side 40mm fan.

Here's the case with the keyboard removed to show the mounting spots for 2x hard drives.

And here's the Cherry MX keyboard (Ducky Zero DK2108)

In the following weeks, I'll make other articles about how I'll stuff this awesome case with proper hardware :)

Thanks a lot for this awesome case Loriano. For your continuous support full of kindness and encouragement. We all love you.

Stay tuned.


Methanoid said...

That is pretty. Did Loriano supply the KB and the Amiga keys? Don't much like the visible screws in the top for the fans. Maybe white would be better? 40/50mm fans may be noisy. Presume you'll not put a quad core monster in there but an Atom class CPU?

Marios Filos said...

Hi Methanoid. There is no screw for fans but only silicon rubber mounters. I already ordered white ones so you'll see them in a next thread :)
40mm fans are Scythe one which are really silent and I've been using those on my Amiga for years without noise issues. I haven't tested the 50mm fans yet but will check it out.
As for the CPU... be patient, next article is coming :)

Anonymous said...

...i am thinking if there is a way to inStigate Loriano Pagni somehow to coupleUp with A-Eon & ACube to squeeze Power6 A-One x1ooo power in x5ooPlus case & expand SAM 46o ex SoC functionality in smaller size...notebok, tablet,... ? why not... \o/ :) <(")

drGspot perenti (face)