Wednesday, August 20, 2014

X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 2)

Ok this time it didn't take long to progress (lol).

First of all, I realized that my Asus P8H77-I motherboard had an internal dual USB2.0 header and an internal dual USB3.0 header. Lets see... X500 case requires 3x USB 1.0/2.0 internal headers:

  • 2x USB 2.0 for the Card Reader (1x for the USB connector, and 1x for the rest card slots)
  • 1x USB 1.0/2.0 for the Cherry MX keyboard
So I was lacking 1x USB 2.0 header and not taking advantage over the internal USB 3.0. That meant that either:
  • I had to put an internal USB 2.0 hub - Not OK
  • I had to convert the internal dual USB 3.0 header to a dual USB 2.0 header - Semi OK
  • I had to find a new USB 3.0 card reader, and use 1x header for Cherry MX keyboard, having one more spare for the future :D - Mucho OK
The default card reader is this one

...which once removed is that

After a bit of searching, I found out 2 legit USB 3.0 card readers that also come in white:
  1. Akasa AK-ICR-14
  2. Xigmatek Accessor Pro
Luckily the Akasa one was also delivered to a local Greek shop and it was also on stock so I took the opportunity and grabbed one. This is the one...

...and this is how it looks when it replaced the default. Surprisingly, it's white color matches a lot more the white DVD/RW fascia!

Here it's the new reader in place with it's thick and lengthy USB 3.0 cables tight in place (they were tight and hot-glued on the back side where they don't look ugly). Only the required length was left in place in order to just plug and not interfere with anything else.

Apart from the card reader, the Notcua heatsink+fan combo arrived as well! How thrilling :D
I already had experience with the top quality of Noctua products (after owning an Noctua NH-L12 for my i7 gaming cube) and the NH-L9i was no different! You don't believe me? Then see for yourselves...

Aye, awesomeness!
Time to install to the mobo and OMG! It fits like a glove and it's height is just EPIC!

I can't believe how firm this heatsink+fan combo fits in the X500 Evo. Like it was designed for it :)
Phew, it would be such a huge fail if it was even 0.2-0.3mm taller as the upper shell wouldn't close!

Ok time to wait for some more parts till the next article can take place...

Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Very nice stuff, mfilos
I love your work

Marios Filos said...

Cheers man. Thanks for your good words. :D

Greg said...

You might want to turn that heatsink 90 degrees so the fan doesn't blow on the memory chips.