Saturday, April 17, 2010

A600: Apollo 630 stability mod (1)

Ok, one more update since AT LAST it's Saturday and I got time for some hackery!

First of all, I made a quick PCB for stabilizing the Apollo plus putting a mini 2pin socket for the external power when it arrives (PicoPSU+Adapter on the way! lol) along with the 100μF Electrolytic capacitor + 100nf Ceramic capacitor.
Since Mika's adapter is very close on the left, I couldn't make a left "attached to PCB" solution with all the components soldered since it would interfere with the adapter. So, I just made a 2-wire extension from the Apollo to the mini PCB and attached it (temporarily) with some drops of hotglue on the Apollo until I find a better spot to put it
(Don't scream, it's very easy to remove - I tested it lol)

Next step was putting at last the VGA connector to a better spot. Hmmm what should we remove... Oh I know! The sh**y unwanted TV-Modulator!
Ok away it went and after some Dremeling on the metal backplate plus the A600's case ready it was.

Pretty neat huh? I couldn't believe how neat also would have been, putting the rest of the cable under Mika's adapter! Man it rox!

And one last photo of the complete and ready setup (...for now...) that was tested and works like a charm!

--------- Picture Missing. Will be added soon! ---------

Stay tuned...

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