Thursday, August 4, 2016

A600: Some RTG love and recent ClassicWB 3.9 enchancements

Hi my friends.

So many things, so little time but hopefully I'll try and post more stuff from now on.
All this time I'm tinkering my lovely Vampire and my beloved ClassicWB 3.9 system.

I made many changes so I might not remember all but here are some highlights:

  • Updated a lot of libs, utilities and programs to latest versions
  • Changed whole iconset from MagicWB to Ken's Icons (OMG only that alone is TONZ of work)
  • Added "Theme Support". This includes the following options:
    • <None>
    • VisualPrefs (with a new OS4.0 theme edited by myself)
    • AfA OS (it still doesn't work since it requires FPU but if you mount the system to WinUAE and add FPU then it works just fine). Also it's ready for when FPU implementation is done on the Vampire.
  • Updated a lot my Startup-Sequence cleverly so I can mount my CF card both on Amiga and my PC (via WinUAE) using the same system without any changes. IT ROX so much having the same environment without having to change monitor, screenmode, settings etc, and what's best... either in real A600 or WinUAE every change is saved in each environment!
  • Changed many options on ToolPrefs menu adding stuff like:
    • Converting images to icons (thumbnails)
    • Replacing backdrops on the fly either on windows or workbench screen
  • Replaced ToolsManager Dock with WBDock by Thomas Rapp
  • Added many utilities and tools. Some I remember are:
    • SwazInfo that replaced RawWBInfo (I like it more)
    • PowerWindows (for moving windows wherever I want on the screen)
    • ReqAttack for changing all requesters
  • Changed all my assigns from all places to be managed by MCP
  • Installed Clould Handlers (after also registering them just for the support)
  • Made a lot of new backdrops with Vampire theme (lol) which I will put at the end of the post for anyone that wants to grab any :)
You can check the video bellow that shows some of these features live. I suggest to open it on YouTube where you can also view it up to HD (1080p) quality.

Here are the backdrops that you can grab :)



Edu Arana said...

I need a custom os like that marios! Please sell me one :)

Lahore Design Studio said...

I love your backdrops, especially the Joker one. Going to be using it as a background for my laptop very soon. Thanks for the awesome update.