Sunday, June 1, 2014

International Amiga Day 2014

Hey my fellow Amigans...

As most of you know, yesterday (31/05/2014) was the first International Amiga Day that as it looks like... IS HERE TO STAY :)

Thanks to Gyorgy Dragon's idea, most of the Amigans celebrated the Amiga the same day with Jay Miner's birthdate and Facebook was flooded with epic stories, screenshots, setup images and even radio streaming and tunes!
It must have been an annoying day for most of my non Amigan friend since I'm not the most active Facebook member, but yesterday I must have "liked" at least 50 threads :)

Since I wanted to celebrate as well, I made a custom wallpaper based on the logo banner to match my custom ClassicWB @ 8 colors

I learned some stuff while reading through the blogs and the Facebook page, but most of all I had fun and met some new fellow Amigans.

Ofc to honor the day I...
  • Played some games like Superfrog, Agony, Turrican2, Rick Dangerous and even FlappyBird
  • Listened to retr0 music through MAS-Player
  • Made some new Kickstart ROM based on newer modules from PeterK and Cosmos
  • Updated a bit my Workbench as I haven't updated it for a while (new commands and visual appearance)
  • Made a custom icon for Michael Gibs's FlappyBird game that didn't have one
  • Scanned an old Greek brochure of Amiga family that I found on some old stuff box (link here)

Thanks Gyorgy and all who participated in this Amiga fest day :) See ya all (and more) next year.

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