Friday, January 3, 2014

Amigathering 12 - The Megablast

Hi everyone!

First of all...I wish all of you a really happy new year!!! Lets hope 2014 will be a lot better than 2013 in every aspect.
Sadly I wasn't around much lately due to unbelievable excessive work that took almost my entire time but now that I settled most of my work projects, I'll focus in my personal ones :)

Ofc, all this time I was tinkering with a lot of stuff in my minimal free time, but sadly I didn't have time to write about them. I'll make some new articles in the following weeks about every one of them.

Although time has passed, I couldn't miss making an article about the last Amigathering that took place in Athens and it was the first time for me (as the previous time I sadly couldn't attend). 

My beasty A600 was there as well so I'll post some photos of her bellow. First all of I'd like to congratulate the whole event organization that was really nice and also the people that visited the even were really great and enthusiastic.

Here are some photos from the first day (I'm the 2nd guy on the right with the Amibay T-shirt).

Installing da stuff :D

...and discussing all community matters (and not only that lol).

Time to setup my stash...

It's ready and it's also connected to Internet via Wi-Fi (thanks to free hotspot by our event hoster BIOS).
Ofc my miggy had to make some naked close-ups for people to see what I've been doing live :)

The next (2nd) day, we had even more people showing up, and some journalists that wanted to check out the machines.

After some time, and because people know I mess with custom kickstarts, I decided to make a brief seminar about the usage of Remus, Romsplit and how we can make custom kickstarts and how to use them on real EPROMS or kicked via ACATune on recent ACA accelerators.

After many hours of discussing, gaming and eating (lol) it was time for some anniversary photos :)

It was really awesome guys! I hope to see all of you again in the next Amigathering.

As always...more photos of all the Amigathering events (as always), can be seen in the official website of Amigathering here.

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