Saturday, March 16, 2013

A600: Some minor overclock plus some new video

Hey guys, long time no see :)

I've been tinkering a lot my A600's environment all this time plus making some efforts for my GREX 4000 but that will come in a different article in the following weeks.

So... hardware-wise I ordered an full ceramic MC68030@50MHz CPU from Amibay having the latest mask in order to replace my ACA's plastic MC68030@33MHz.
Not a big deal but I had to try :)

I removed the old CPU, putted the new one and this is how it looked without the heatsink on.

I used the 80MHz oscillator that I had, in case I managed to use it @ 40MHz and system booted just fine.
I also made some nice benchmarks etc... but after 3-4 minutes system crashed so I can say with certainty that on my accelerator 40MHz overclocking is not an option.

I changed the oscillator to an 72MHz one (thanks to Fitzsteve who send me one spare of his) and it worked like a charm! After hours of keeping my A600 on... I NEVER had a single crash or Guru!!! \o/
Not bad having an 15% speed increase by all means :)
If in the future I manage to find an 75MHz oscillator I will try that as well in case it works and that's it.
Btw... EVEN after many hours... the original heatsink (that I re-attached with a new thermal pad) gets only a bit warm. With the previous CPU even @ 30MHz the heatsink was very hot alas I had put a fan for safety. Now @ 36MHz hot is not an issue and ofc I removed the fan as it had no meaning :)

Some of the new stuff I tinkered on my Workbench installation was to install PeterK's 46.4.279 icon.library which give a nice 15-20% speed increase from what I can tell. Really shows nicely when I open PNG etc icons but I will let you be the judge of that :)
I also made some changes in the VisualPrefs skins and settings plus I also installed X-bEnCH and made some nice changes in scripts/startup-scripts and custom BMenu entries to support it.

To conclude this article...this is a new video that I put today on YouTube that has a small revision of what my system boots and acts like. I hope you like it :)
(I suggest you to see it on YouTube's website and change the resolution to 720p as I uploaded it in HD for better viewing).

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

75MHz quartz was recently available in Poland, and I got 3 pcs as spares, If you need one, :)

Marios Filos said...

I would love one if you have as spare!
Thx :)

alt_ said...

PM left on EAB :)

Panos said...

Hi Marius. I am Panos, from Greece also.
Recently I bought an ACA1232@33MHz, which work perfectly on my A1200 rev 1D1, without timing fixes at all. Of course machine is full recapped by me, plus some other minus repairs.
I ask Jens if I can upgrade my cpu on ACA1232, based also on the frequency change switch (until 40MHz) on pcb.
He respond cause can be done without any problem, if of course have the tools to desolder the stock cpu!! Ok this isn't problem for me, but I want to ask you whether it is worthwhile to deal withit, just for 7 MHz more. And also to loose the original warranty for that.

Thank you Panos.

Anonymous said...

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