Monday, June 11, 2012

A4000: Installing Indivision AGA mk2

Hey peepz, long time no see, but I had a really good excuse :)
On 26th of May my lovely daughter was born and for that matter I was fully devoted to her and my wife :)
I'm really happy that everything worked out just fine, and that a new girly Amigan was born.

Anywayz... this weekend I found some time between her sleeps to tinker my lovely A4000 and my newly acquired Indivision AGA mk2 (for A4000/CD32).
Many have already made some reviews and troubleshoots via the known forums but here I will present my own POV.

So, this is what the package includes

The screw that was provided to secure the GND cable to the Indivision was a bit bigger than the hole so I secured the GND cable to the already mounted screw with plastic stand. Kinda weird though.
In order to mount Indivision to Ratte's auto switch you need all of these adapters LOL!

Well, until I make a custom cable (20pin to 10pin) I thought of mounting all this huge combo  on the right side of the custom Fan.

Ok that was the first part. This was what the installed Indivision looks like (sorry for the dark photo, I forgot to put the flash on). The bend ribbon was put that way in order for the Voodoo custom fan not to touch it :)

And that was the assembly again of the Grex with Voodoo...

...and the rest of the PCI cards :)

Powering up the Amiga showed the new Individual Computers logo on the top left of the screen.

If you see correctly you'll see that there are some vertical bars which are annoying! While searching Ratte mentioned this as well, and with a custom cable that he made, the bars disappeared. Apparently all these adapters tend to kinda screw the signal a bit. Soon I'll fix that as well :)

Just before I close this article I'll present some differences between Indivision mk1 and Indivision mk2 using SysInfo program on it's native resolution.

Indivision AGA mk1 (SysInfo screen)

Indivision AGA mk2 (SysInfo screen)

Indivision AGA mk1 (SysInfo detail)

Indivision AGA mk2 (SysInfo detail)

As you can see (and if you put aside the vertical bars) it looks really good and the resolution seems to have a better scaling than the previous version!
Here's hopin' for future and better core releases along with new Indivision Config tool!

Stay tuned :)

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indygena said...

Hi, I have the same problem with the vertical bars as you with my indy mk2, I thought I had a faulty mk2, but appears to be a firmware issue solved in the future firmware uptade. About the cable that solve the issue, could you please post the link for try to make one ?

Kind Regards and keep working on that 4000 beast.