Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A600: USB plug + HxC's LCD sceen mounting + more

Today I stole some time and managed to finish 2 of my mods in my A600.

First mod was hacking and mounting a nice USB extension that I found in my cables in A600's case and specifically where the floppy eject button took place in the past! I couldn't believe how nice it fitted!

Feeling good doesn't it? (I haven't screwed the case, that's why it doesn't look so tight.)

Second mod was AT LAST being able to cut very carefully the upper part of the case for the LCD screen of HxC SD Floppy emulator could be mounted. Man that was a tough job with lotsa dremeling but more sandpapering...
At least the result paid off and really looks nice.

There is a gap between the LCD panel and the case due to PCB not being able to attach 100% with the backside of upper part of case. That was covered with 3 layers of dual thick (foamy) sticking tape and result except from perfect... is that it's mounted solid and it doesn't move at all!!!

As you can see also, I changed the oscillator with 2xOscillators in a custom PCB that can be changed via jumpers (or via switch in the future) from 40MHz to 50MHz and vice versa

You can also check a small video on YouTube with the A600 powering on.

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omg that is sooo cool.....on my list to do