Saturday, March 27, 2010

A1200: Ian't ATX adapter + PicoPSU installed

Ok time for some updates...

Today I tried something scary... cause I thought I could make it!

FINALLY.............. I MADE IT!!!

I actually Dremmel'ed PicoPSU's connector and also Ian's ATX adaptor's connector ~0,5cm in height!!! That created 2 messy connectors that after a LONG time of knife cleaning & soothing, became just fine! So now that the PicoPSU is 0,5cm shorter...

I CAN NOW INSTALL my spare slot-in slim DVD-RW!!! W00h00!!!

Apart from that, I decided to put one simple IDE2CF adapter with an 4GB CF on the primary IDE Master just for OS4.0 since it's not compatible with BPPC's SCSI. The DVD-RW will be the slave

Damn, does that means I need to also fit an 4way buffered ide controller inside or I can do it with a 3-way IDE cable?
Amiga 1200's IDE bus support 2 channels on it's own
(meaning an idefix is used for the 2nd port to activate) ?

Anyway, that's all for now

Some pictures of Ian's adapter + PicoPSU: